How much does it cost to build a Galil?

Simple answer: That depends.
If you mean assemble, test fire, and refinish everything in grey parkerized finish it would be $625 as of January 2019 (price is subject to change). This does not cover any parts, cutting/profiling of the barrel, engraving, or shipping.
For an estimate, go to the "build one" section, fill out your dream build, and click submit.

How long does it take for a build?

Several factors will affect timelines (what you want done e.g. just build and refinish or full IDF engraving plus nitride finish)
Nitride turn around has been averaging 2-3 weeks.
Engraving can be a while as I like to have at least 4-5 to engrave at one time.
It, of course, also depends on how many other builds are in front of yours.
Lately I quote 2-3 months as general time line but we are working on slimming that down.

What is the process for getting a build done?

  1. Go to the "build one" section of the website.
    Use the comments block if you don't see a tab for what you want. Be as detailed as possible.
    See the part's diagram at the top of this page and compare to your kit. If anything is missing, list that in the comment section.
    If you still have questions, give us a call.
  2. Print the page with your subtotal and options you've selected so you can include it in your package. After you submit your order, we will contact you after processing. We will then provide you with our FFL. You will need to print that FFL off and include it in your box with the order page, parts, and receiver. Again, there will be two printed pages (FFL and order page). You will need to include both in your package to ensure a smooth order process.
    Do NOT include any form of payment. We do NOT take deposits on our work.
    You will receieve the total after all work is complete and we have an accurate shipping cost.
  3. If you’ve already done your 4473 Firearms Acquisition Form at your dealer, then you can send your receiver to us as an individual without going through your dealer (unless required by state law).
    Take your box to any mail carrier. We have no preference as all of them will climb the mountain sooner or later.

Will we do a California compliant build?

No. Due to recent legislation we will no longer build for or ship to California residents.

How much just to install my barrel, gas block, and set head space?

That's called a complete build. See the first question.

Do you sell complete firearms?

Yes. From time to time we try to build some spec. rifles and offer them for sale as they are finished.

Do you offer custom engraving?

Yes. If you have an image you would like engraved on your receiver, we will try to accommodate you.
A clear image or .jpg file works best.
We will take your image and convert it into G code and run a scrap piece to see what it actually looks like.
After you review the engraving we can then put it on your reciever.
As my rotary/5th axis is down, we can only offer flat side engraving- no barrels or round objects.
We will NOT engrave any trademark, copyright words, or logos (including IMI/IWI/Galil).

What is your warranty?

If the problem is associated with our work, we'll fix it free of charge.
That does NOT include any parts due to age or abuse/shipping.
If you have a part that breaks, simply contact us with what you are looking for and we will try to find it and get it to you at our cost.
Our warranty is transferable. Any other modifications or alterations may void the warranty.
For our Online Store please visit the following link: Online Store Refund and Returns Policy

What finishes do you offer?

  1. Grey Parkerized
  2. Salt Bath Nitride
  3. Battlefield (non finished parts kit with parkerized receiver and barrel)

Who’s receiver do I recommend?

I recommend either CNC Warrior or Tortort. Both are equal in quality and fit. The choice is up to you.

Do we stock barrels?

Yes when we can get them from our turn shop. We stock them in various calibers and length.

How many US parts do you need for a 922r?

You only need 5 total parts. Pick a total of 5 from the following US parts: